The following is a list of persons who know Batman's secret identity as Bruce Wayne.

Person/Entity First Learned/Established in Notes
Alfred Pennyworth [1], "On Leather Wings" Chronologically, from the beginning of Batman's career, as chronicled in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.
Amanda Waller Template:Jlu, "Ultimatum" Possibly learned from Dr. Hugo Strange. Alternatively, analyzed a sample of Batman's blood.
Andrea Beaumont/The Phantasm Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Saw Batman at the grave of Bruce's parents.
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl Template:Tnba, "Sins of the Father" Chronologically, in the flashback in Template:Tnba, "Old Wounds".
Clark Kent/Superman Template:Stas, "World's Finest, Part I" Used his x-ray vision to peek through Batman's cowl when they first met and battled.
Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing [2], "Christmas With the Joker" Chronologically, in [3], "Robin's Reckoning".
H.A.R.D.A.C. [4], "Heart of Steel, Part I" Learned from Randa Duane's infiltration of the Batcave. The knowledge was passed on to its android duplicants, but all of those have likely been destroyed.
Dr. Hugo Strange [5], "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne" Strange learned of Batman's identity by subjecting Bruce Wayne to his mind-reading machine under the guise of relaxation therapy. However, Strange's certainty may have been shaken by Robin later masquerading as Bruce Wayne in front of both Strange and Batman at the same time.
Ian Peek Template:Bb, "Sneak Peek" Planted a spycam on the Batmobile and learned of both Terry McGinnis and Bruce. Neutralized for all intents and purposes when Peek was consumed by his matter-phasing belt and sank to the earth's core in a permanently intangible state. The transformation seemed to drive Peek mad, to boot.
J'onn J'onzz Template:Jl, "Starcrossed, Part II" At the same time as Flash and Green Lantern.
Jason Blood/Etrigan Template:Tnba, "The Demon Within" Told by Bruce Wayne.
John Stewart/Green Lantern Template:Jl, "Starcrossed, Part II" At the same time as Flash and J'onn J'onzz.
Kyodai Ken [6], "Day of the Samurai" Though, according to Bruce, Kyodai first gained this knowledge in "Night of the Ninja", based on a comparison of Bruce and Batman's fighting styles.
Leslie Thompkins [7], "Appointment in Crime Alley" Chronologically, probably for as long as Alfred.
Lois Lane Template:Stas, "World's Finest, Part III His cape and mask got caught in the paper machine.
Maxine Gibson Template:Bb, "Final Cut" Deduced it in Template:Bb, "Hidden Agenda".
Ra's al Ghul [8], "The Demon's Quest, Part I" Determined from analysis of who could acquire all of the equipment that Batman would require and matching Bruce Wayne to Talia's description.
Randa Duane [9], "Heart of Steel, Part I" Destroyed.
Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl Template:Jl, "Starcrossed, Part II" Presumably she learned it before her first entry into the Batcave.
Talia [10], "The Demon's Quest, Part I" Though she first saw Batman unmasked in [11], "Off Balance", she gives an evasive answer when he asks if she recognizes his face.
Tim Drake/Robin Template:Tnba, "Sins of the Father". Tim's first appearance as Robin was Template:Tnba, "Holiday Knights", but "Sins" was produced first.
Virgil Hawkins/Static Template:Ss, "Hard as Nails" Deduced when he sees Alfred waiting for Bruce, as they come out of the hospital where Allie is being treated.
Wally West/The Flash Template:Jl, "Starcrossed, Part II" At the same time as Green Lantern and J'onn J'onzz.
Wonder Woman Template:Jl, "Maid of Honor, Part II" Knowledge of his identity is implied rather than explicit; she definitively learns who he is in "Starcrossed, Part II".
Zatanna [12], "Template:Ep" Although in that episode, she addresses him as "John Smith", she appears at Bruce Wayne's wedding in Template:Tnba, "Chemistry", and calls him by his right name in Template:Jlu, "This Little Piggy".

Conjectural Edit

The following is a list of persons whose knowledge of Batman's secret identity has been hinted at, but not established.

Person/Entity First Learned/Established in Notes
Ace Template:Jlu, "Epilogue" Though, being telepathic, she may have learned it during their first encounter, in Template:Jl, "Wild Cards, Part II".
Dana Tan Presumably coupled with the knowledge that Terry McGinnis is the new Batman.
Simon Trent/The Gray Ghost [13], "Beware the Gray Ghost" Based on similar conversations held with both Batman and Bruce Wayne.
Two-Face/Harvey Dent Batman: TAS, "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne" Revealed by Dr. Hugo Strange under pressure. Simply scoffed that was a ludicrous concept, as he was a longtime friend of Bruce Wayne.
Chronos Template:Jlu,
"The Once and Future Thing Part Two: Time, Warped"
The Batcave has been destroyed. He may have recognised an unmasked Bruce from their encounter in the Wild West.
Yoru [14], "Day of the Samurai" Based on his training of Bruce.