The '''Batmobile''' was Batman's automobile and primary mode of transportation. It has been redesigned and rebuilt over the years.

First Batmobile Edit

Early Batmobile

Batman's early Batmobile.

Not much is known about Batman's early Batmobile. Due to mechanical trouble, he was forced to abandon it and had a more robust vehicle designed and built by Earl Cooper, an out-of-work automobile designer with a reputation as a troublemaker in the industry.[1] 

Second Batmobile Edit


Bruce gets inspiration for his future vehicle.

2nd Batmobile

Batman's second Batmobile.

Earl Cooper designed and built the second Batmobile (inspired by a vehicle of similar design Bruce saw at the Gotham's World's Fair during a date with Andrea Beaumont[2]) that included such items as a turbine jet, grappling hook, ejection seats, on-board navigation and computer with video uplink, oil slick and caltrops. Batman had two vehicles with this design: * The first was destroyed by Penguin.* The second was built after Penguin's defeat with several upgrades. However, the Batmobile was not absolutely durable, as it was once smashed easily by Bane. In an alternate timeline, resistance leader Bruce Wayne had a very similar attack vehicle to the second Batmobile. 

Third Batmobile Edit

Third Batmobile

Batman's third Batmobile

The third Batmobile design was completely different from the previous ones. In addition to being used by Batman, it was also driven by Batgirl at times and served Batman through his affiliation with the Justice League
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